Integrate and analyze data from several critical internal applications.  All while empowering business users to create and modify complex operational reports on their own with Incorta.


Complex, Disparate Data Results in Poor Reporting Performance and Slows Critical Systems

Access to secure, up-to-date data is essential to making fast, informed business decisions. Accurately reporting on data created by and stored in various existing systems spread across one’s organization can prove to be an insurmountable challenge.

Often business users lack the reporting response and performance they desire, with static, homegrown reports built over time sometimes taking hours to run and often slowing down other mission-critical applications in the process. As a result, users can be forced to wait for their large reports to run at night or on weekends. More importantly, many company’s existing legacy reporting tools delivered only static, graphical reports at predetermined times to pre-determined people—they didn’t enable easy queries, drill down, and data filtering by nontechnical users.

For many organizations, it is time to find a more modern, innovative way to integrate and analyze data from all of the company’s critical internal applications while empowering business users to create and modify interactive, complex reports and dashboards on their own.

Fast, Accurate Insights and Ease of Use Encourage Widespread Adoption

With Incorta, it takes less than a week to fully build and test a complex new report or dashboard. In addition, business users can build and modify operational reports and dashboards themselves, search across all data within a subject area, and recalculate aggregate insights on the fly.

Incorta also significantly reduces the amount of money spent on resources. Without Incorta, a company can easily need to rely on a team of 6-8 developers and two quality assurance engineers who build, test, and maintain all of the reports. With Incorta, one only needs a couple of people to run the whole system. From building new reports to maintaining the system as it goes to production.


Incorta Delivers Much-Needed Ease of Integration and Performance; Data Security Sets It Apart

As new data systems come into play, Incorta makes it easy to add other data sources and update schemas as needed. Incorta’s security capabilities also set it apart. Incorta leverages the security settings of the source application while letting administrators limit user access to specific data elements and apply a custom security model if needed. It also supports Single Sign-On and encrypts data both in transit and at rest.

Incorta’s inherent ease of use also encourages richer conversations between users and their business data, and between each other. Interactive dashboards empower users to access transactional details and filter data on the fly based on any data dimension, giving them more insight than what’s delivered in single, tabular reports. And Incorta-powered reports easily that users can share via mobile devices, including smartphones.

Incorta benefits senior management as well. They quickly can receive the new reports they need. In only hours or days, compared to the weeks it used to take before. Existing reports stay up to date and take only seconds to run. And complex queries no longer negatively impact the performance of other users and other systems. Overall, Incorta can easily become the de facto reporting standard at one’s company.

To analyze large volumes of complex business data typically required investment in a costly, time-consuming data warehouse infrastructure. Even then, the data analyzed is oftentimes a day or more old— frustrating analysts and the IT team alike.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. eCapital’s solution partner, Incorta, has developed a Direct Data Mapping engine. It opens the door to a more powerful yet simpler approach to enterprise analytics.