By setting a default selection on a document or sheet, such as year or month, is an easy way to control the initial starting point when a user logs in. Providing defaults is essential as it will help to narrow the view and provide a focused lens to aid the user as they begin their exploration of the data. Setting a default is very easy in Qlik and I’ve outlined the process below.

1. Go to Settings -> Document Properties -> Triggers





2. Select “OnOpen” in the Document Even Triggers section, then click “Add Action”






3. Select “Add” to add your trigger.







4. Select “Selection” as the Action Type and “Select in Field” as the Action and click OK.








5. Enter the field name and the search string inputs that you want to be your defaults then click OK.








6. Notice in the Document Event Triggers section, OnOpen now shows that it has an action applied to it. Click OK to close the Document Properties dialog box.










7. Save, close and re-open the document and you should see your default selection applied.

Hope you found this little nugget of information useful. If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop me a line at:

Kristi Smith,