If you have been considering upgrading your Hyperion environment to, here is another example of improved functionality that may help in making that decision.

For those of you that rely on Lifecycle Management for promoting changes to production or just backing up your Oracle Hyperion Applications, Oracle EPMA has additional functionality that makes this process easier.  This additional functionality is especially handy for those administrators that do not have full access to the servers in your environment.  Hyperion Shared Services now allows the administrator to down load and then upload the LCM artifacts directly within Shared services.

In previous versions of LCM, the process created a directory with the LCM artifacts in the file system location :

  • MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/epmsystem1/import_export     (please note: this is the default system destination on the Shared Services computer and may be different in your environment)

With those versions, in order to promote the LCM from Development/QA to Production one would need to physically copy the file directory form the aforementioned directory to the identical file system on the Production server.

With version, instead of creating a directory, a zipped file of the artifacts is now created.  Additional functionality has been added to Shared Services to both download the zipped file to the directory of your choosing and upload it in another environment.

Performing the LCM backup is identical to previous versions. Log into Workspace.  Select Navigate -> Administer -> Shared Console:

Hyperion LCM - LCM backup

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Unlike previous versions, the web browser does not open another instance of your browser, but rather creates another tab within Workspace.

Hyperion LCM - tab within Workspace

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After going through the normal LCM backup process, we created an object in the File System called “123-EPMA”.  There is now a menu option available under Administration that allows you to “Download” this to a directory of your choice.

Hyperion LCM - 123-EPMA object in file system

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Hyperion LCM - file download

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Then in order to promote this to your production environment, all you need to do is log into that environment, navigate to Shared Services, highlight the File System:

Hyperion LCM - highlight the file system

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The File System will now contain the artifacts that will enable you import them into your Production environment.

Hyperion LCM - import to Production

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