We are living through one of the most disruptive years ever for businesses around the globe.  From a total shutdown to a very slow reopening of business most companies have struggled to keep things afloat.  Not only was the 2020 budget completely useless by March, having a 2020 forecast that was meaningful was nearly impossible.  Where does that leave you for budgeting 2021?

As a technology consulting firm, eCapital Advisors is in a unique position of having helped a lot of FP&A and Operational planning teams with their planning processes and software solutions. We reached out to our clients and asked how they are adapting their 2021 budgeting approach – coming from a year that clearly did not match the historic norms of any business.

Watch the webinar “2021 Budgeting: What a Mess!” where we discuss:

  • How organizations are adjusting their budgeting and planning cycles
  • How 2020 actuals are being utilized to guide 2021 budgets
  • How budget expectations are being set and managed for 2021
  • Organizations’ key strategic planning initiatives and priorities

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