Now more than ever, FP&A teams must quickly modify their plans by incorporating dynamic modeling using analytics to respond to ever-changing markets rapidly and with flexibility. The quarterly or monthly processes for updating financial forecasts can take days to weeks and is out of date as soon as it is finished.

Having leading forecast processes aligned to financial goals and detailed operational plans requires solutions with the agility and scale. FP&A teams need to model key business drivers and various scenario analyses to support fast, insightful analysis. And it requires solutions that bring together all key financial and operational insights into a unified platform for decision-making.

You will learn:

  • How to leverage the latest forecast to continuously model various what-if scenarios, dynamically calculating the impact to your bottom line
  • Plan at the detailed business driver level and seamlessly align to financial plans
  • How to empower FP&A and line of business users with timely, accurate and secure access to finance and operating results through governed analytics

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