The world of hospitality is changing fast. Shifts in market demand, the rise of new business models, and concerns about safety and compliance require organizations to move faster to keep pace.

But that’s easier said than done when inflexible, on-premise systems make it hard to balance critical business continuity with innovation. Without real-time access to accurate data, you’re often left playing catch-up with change rather than staying ahead.

Husay Gharwal with eCapital Advisors displays how Workday Adaptive Planning can better support current and future business needs, manage uncertainty and risk, and drive smarter decision-making across the organization. Husay will demonstrate how hospitality organizations have adopted a unified system, securing all financial and people-based data in one place with easy access on-demand.

Watch the demo, highlighting the ability to:

  • Model what drives your business without having to jump through technical hoops.
  • Build new apps to meet changing finance and HR business needs.
  • Drive end-to-end processes to handle growing demand and unforeseen changes.
  • Adapt to changing markets, product needs, sales channels, and more.

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