After configuring Weblogic SSL using a SHA2 certificate, I saw a similar error message to the one shown below in the logs after trying to start the weblogic server.

Weblogic SSL error message

First off, if weblogic is going to use a SHA2 certificate it needs to be at the 10.3.3 or higher.
If you are using WebLogic 10.3.3 or higher, enable JSSE SSL which trusts stronger certificates such as SHA2.

Steps to enable JSSE SSL:

1. Log in to your WebLogic admin console
2. From left menu, choose Environment -> Servers -> Admin Server
3. Click the ‘Configuration’ tab and ‘SSL’ tab
4. Go to bottom of page and click the ‘Advanced’ hyperlink
5. Click the ‘Lock & Edit’ button on top left menu
6. Go to bottom of page and check “Use JSSE SSL”
7. Click “Save”
8. Click ‘Activate Changes’

SSL Checkbox

Restart all OBI Servers and the SSL certificate should now work correctly.

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