IBM Planning Analytics Workspace version 2.0.82 was released on November 17, 2022. While not major, the year-end release unveiled a few minor yet exciting updates. For example, a new dimension editor experience features a more intuitive interface, improved performance, and several new settings. Below, eCapital Advisors shares how users can access the refreshed editor and leverage enhancements from IBM Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.82.

IBM Planning Analytics 2.0.82 Updates

Books and Reporting

Automatically Remove Duplicates

Have you ever wished you could automatically remove duplicate members from the Current set in the set editor? Now you can. The feature will be helpful to quickly eliminate duplicated dimension elements when creating dynamic or static sets. This update will be especially useful when the set includes oodles of members.

IBM Planning Analytics 2.0.82

Improved Error Handling

Another enhancement is the improved error handling when missing a mapped member. In previous software versions, the visualization would be blank if a mapped member was not found. Without a mapping member, the update will automatically reassign the first member in the current set to the field slot. You can select the visualization and go to the Fields tab to see the substitute member that was assigned to the missing member’s field slot.

Color Single Cell Widgets

Users can customize the Fill color of your Single Cell widgets directly from the Properties tab. To do this, select your single cell visualization and navigate to the Properties tab. Within the General tab, click on the Appearance section to reveal the Fill color options. From here, you can easily make your Single Cell widgets stand out with a unique and eye-catching color.

IBM Planning Analytics 2.0.82

Applications and Plans

Planning Analytics Workspace version 2.0.82 allows users to add attachments to applications and plans. Add attachments to the overview of the application or plan and individual tasks or sections and announcements. Supported file types include PDF, DOCX, XLSX, CSV, and PPTX. To add attachments accessible from the application or plan overview, users can use the Upload files option on the application or plan Details page.

IBM Planning Analytics 2.0.82


The updated Dimension Editor in Planning Analytics Workspace version 2.0.82 includes all the features of the classic editor but with a refreshed experience. It boasts a more user-friendly interface, enhanced performance, and several new customization options.

To access the new Dimension Editor, right-click the “Dimensions” node in the “Databases” tree and select “Create Dimension” to create a new dimension or “Edit Dimension” to edit an existing one. You can also use the new Dimension Editor to create a new hierarchy within a dimension by right-clicking the dimension name and selecting “Create Hierarchy.” 

Please note that the new Dimension Editor can only be accessed through the modeling workbench.

While Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.82 does not boast significant updates, the release includes valuable enhancements and new features. Contact our team for an upgrade if you are an on-premise customer or to explore how to leverage the latest IBM Planning Analytics capabilities.