Automation: A Link to Supply Chain Relief

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An unforeseen soar in demand resulting in supply chain disruptions coupled with labor shortages translates to a heavier workload than ever. Still, many leaders continue to struggle to improve cycle time and leverage staff for planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis, and reporting due to an over-reliance on manual spreadsheet processes.

On Tuesday, August 16, join eCapital Advisors for a virtual webinar “Automation: A Link to Supply Chain Relief.” You’ll learn why the time is right for suppliers to use Automation to streamline processes while simultaneously generating analytics for deep dives on profitability analysis, production forecasting, in-stock tracking, and more—without adding to your headcount.

Who should join:

  • Leaders of Operations, IT, HR, Planning, or other business departments who feel the strain of too much work and not enough personnel to manage it all.
  • If your team has a lot of repetitive, mundane work that makes it difficult to focus on more strategic activities
  • If you’re considering automation or if you’ve already started down your automation path
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