Extending Your Analytics Platform

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Your toolbox at home has hammers, screwdrivers, saws and more – all uniquely designed to work together to get the job done. Similarly, no single tool in your Finance, Planning and Analytics technology stack is built to meet every need across the organization. We have found that many finance teams are using their CPM (Budgeting and planning software) solutions for more than intended because CPM tools are flexible and typically maintained by the office of finance with little to no IT support.  We have seen clients bring in extreme amounts of detail level data and are pushing their CPM platform boundaries.

We think you should be using the right tools for the right jobs and not give up the flexibility and ownership you have today.

A next-generation data analytic platform, such as Incorta, is the super tool needed to leverage granular level data and be the analytical insight lens in your organization. It is an extension to your existing CPM (budgeting and planning software) capabilities because it brings together data from all existing data sources and creates a user-friendly, flexible, business line owned tool to drive critical decision making.

Join us, along with a panel of Finance leaders who’ve already transformed their organization into a data-driven culture, as we discuss:

  • Key differences and overlaps between CPM (budgeting and planning software) and analytics software
  • How to create an agile system that allows direct access to business data from all source systems
  • Introduction to Incorta’s data insight capabilities when paired with your CPM