Finance Virtual Roundtable Series | Oracle EBS Analytics: Deeper Insight in Less Time

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There’s no doubt that Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) provides value to businesses, whether for enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and/or human capital management. What Oracle EBS does not give you is a high-performance, quick-to-implement analytic that combines data from multiple sources and enables you to easily drill down to the level of detail needed for truly meaningful insight.

Join us for this roundtable discussion to learn about how you can accelerate your reporting and analytics while achieving deeper insights — with no data modeling or complex transformations. You’ll learn how Incorta can seamlessly connect its high-powered capabilities to Oracle EBS to deliver:

  • Real-time aggregation of super-large, complex business data such as accounts payable invoices, sub-ledger entries, and any data outside your EBS — in minutes. (Think billions of rows with unparalleled speed.)
  • Hyperspeed generation of detailed Oracle EBS reports — in minutes or hours, not days or weeks — with data that’s already analyzed and always fresh.
  • The ability for any business user to drill down from the top line to the granular transaction level of any record in seconds.
  • Self-service reporting and analytics that expand the scope of autonomous data storytelling with cross-functional and business-friendly visualization.

Moderated by:

Lisa DavidLisa David, Partner, eCapital Advisors

At eCapital Advisors, Lisa’s role and passion are connecting business expertise and data analytics to drive solutions to dramatically improve the information on which executives make decisions. Lisa and the eCapital team works with clients to go to many layers below the surface to understand them, their business model, and their goals. Crafting a cutting-edge solution road map that applies data to create a new business model and generate tangible insights and outcomes.

Matthew Halliday, Co-founder, Executive Vice President of Product at Incorta 

Mathew is passionate about helping customers understand how technology can address their business challenges. He loves the opportunity to educate, provide guidance and be a trusted advisor to those assessing the myriad of options that are presented before them in today’s marketplace. He believes in a long term view where he is creating lasting relationships and not thrusting a product on a customer.

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