Finance Virtual Roundtable Series – Data Analytics & Accuracy

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We all know that data is crucial to your company’s survival, especially moving forward in “The New Normal”.

And, the more data you have, the more you know about your business, profitability and customers.  We can leverage insights from the past to help us predict the future.

What’s the problem then?

The historic level of uncertainty has rendered traditional methods of data analytics all but useless.  Predictions for the return to business-as-usual, as far as scope and scale, remain wide-ranging.  The old approach to the Finance function is coming up short in an unprecedented crisis, but the good news is there is a path forward.

Join other finance leaders as author, thought-leader and FP&A consultant, Brian Kalish; eCapital Advisors Partner, Lisa David; and Matthew Halliday, Executive Vice President of Product at Incorta moderate a lively online discussion about data analytics and ensuring accuracy in a post-pandemic world.

During this moderated discussion, we’ll talk about:

  • What will the New Normal look like for Data Analytics?
  • When does this New Normal arrive?
  • How do companies build a culture of analytics to develop and act on business insights?
  • How do we get to business insights faster?

Space is limited for this roundtable to facilitate a more intimate discussion, reserve your space soon.


Moderated by:

Lisa DavidLisa David, Partner, eCapital Advisors

At eCapital Advisors, Lisa’s role and passion are connecting business expertise and data analytics to drive solutions to dramatically improve the information on which executives make decisions. Lisa and the eCapital team works with clients to go to many layers below the surface to understand them, their business model, and their goals. Crafting a cutting-edge solution road map that applies data to create a new business model and generate tangible insights and outcomes.

Brian Kalish, Principal, Kalish Consulting

Brian is passionately committed to building and connecting the global FP&A community.  He has over 25 years of experience in Finance, FP&A, Treasury and Investor Relations. He has held several treasury and finance positions with AFP, the FHLB, Washington Mutual/JP Morgan, NRUCFC, Fifth Third and Fannie Mae.

Matthew Halliday, Co-founder, Executive Vice President of Product at Incorta 

Mathew is passionate about helping customers understand how technology can address their business challenges. He loves the opportunity to educate, provide guidance and be a trusted advisor to those assessing the myriad of options that are presented before them in today’s marketplace. He believes in a long term view where he is creating lasting relationships and not thrusting a product on a customer.

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