Finance Virtual Roundtable Series | Driving Agility through Real-Time Insights

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There’s a lot of attention being paid to the concept of agility, but it’s often hard to know how to get there. In the past 18 months of uncertainty, agile businesses have been forced to adjust their people and processes to create more value and react quickly to changing conditions.  Now companies are focusing on real-time, quality insights to also drive for more agile business decisions. 

Join other finance leaders as author, thought-leader and FP&A consultant, Brian Kalish and eCapital Advisors Partner, Lisa David, moderate a lively online discussion about driving agility in a post-pandemic world. 

During this moderated discussion, we’ll talk about: 

  • What does agility mean for finance real-time insights?  How can you achieve it? 
  • Setting up technologies in order to acquire the insights you desire. 
  • Issues and concerns other FP&A leaders have experienced in designing a more agile business strategy. 
  • Where organizations have found success from becoming more agile. 

Moderated by:

Lisa DavidLisa David, Partner, eCapital Advisors

At eCapital Advisors, Lisa’s role and passion are connecting business expertise and data analytics to drive solutions to dramatically improve the information on which executives make decisions. Lisa and the eCapital team works with clients to go to many layers below the surface to understand them, their business model, and their goals. Crafting a cutting-edge solution road map that applies data to create a new business model and generate tangible insights and outcomes.

Brian Kalish, Principal, Kalish Consulting

Brian is passionately committed to building and connecting the global FP&A community.  He has over 25 years of experience in Finance, FP&A, Treasury and Investor Relations. He has held several treasury and finance positions with AFP, the FHLB, Washington Mutual/JP Morgan, NRUCFC, Fifth Third and Fannie Mae.

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