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Webinar Summary:

Today, data analytics, with its diverse applications and far-reaching use cases, is now rising as the keystone of strategic planning and fast informed decision-making.

Register to our one-hour talk, where we will cover the key advantages that Incorta offers for Finance data challenges and discuss how some of our customers are getting ahead by harnessing the speed and visibility of their financial data within Incorta.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Incorta can help you:

  • How to produce 360-degree exhaustive timeless reports in real-time, from various sources, including high volume data.
  • How to ensure 100% assured data fidelity, and ability to analyze to the deepest level of granularity (record line).
  • How Direct Data Mapping will reduce the need for heavy reliance on third parties or high labor repetitive data transformation.


03:00 PM : 03:10 PM

Welcome and Introduction

Abboud Ghanem

03:10 PM :03:35 PM

Why Incorta 

Brian Keare

03:35 PM :04:00 PM

Financial Planning & Analytics

Lisa David – eCapital Finance

04:00 PM : 04:20 PM


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