Virtual FP&A Roundtable Series | Making the Journey to xP&A for Analytical Excellence

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The latest buzz word in the world of finance is xP&A, but what does it really mean?  As business and finance leaders are looking for new ways to move beyond the “traditional” finance methods for a more collaborative strategy, Cross-Functional Planning & Analysis is the shift they’re considering.

Join other finance leaders as author, thought-leader and FP&A consultant, Brian Kalish and eCapital Advisors Partner, Lisa David, moderate a lively online discussion about how organizations are applying the xP&A methodology and what it means for the future of organizational growth.


The eCapital Virtual FP&A Roundtable Series is a unique online event that brings together finance leaders for thoughtful discussions and industry anecdotes that derive insights to take back to your organization.

During the moderated discussions, we’ll talk about:

  • What is xP&A?
  • Why make the shift to the xP&A methodology?
  • The past, present and future of xP&A
  • Making the transition to an xP&A approach

Moderated by:

Lisa David

Lisa David, Partner, eCapital Advisors

At eCapital Advisors, Lisa’s role and passion are connecting business expertise and data analytics to drive solutions to dramatically improve the information on which executives make decisions. Lisa and the eCapital team works with clients to go to many layers below the surface to understand them, their business model, and their goals. Crafting a cutting-edge solution road map that applies data to create a new business model and generate tangible insights and outcomes.

Brian Kalish

Brian Kalish, Principal, Kalish Consulting

Brian is passionately committed to building and connecting the global FP&A community.  He has over 25 years of experience in Finance, FP&A, Treasury and Investor Relations. He has held several treasury and finance positions with AFP, the FHLB, Washington Mutual/JP Morgan, NRUCFC, Fifth Third and Fannie Mae.

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