Past Events

FP&A Virtual Roundtable Series – 2021 Scenario Planning

These are unprecedented times for businesses and organizations. Accounting and finance professionals are preparing for 2021 budget forecasts, but historical results may no longer be a reliable indicator of future performance, making planning for the upcoming year challenging. Developing easily modified, scenario-based forecasts that address rapidly changing market factors and trends will give businesses the highest-level of 2021 planning success within their overall corporate strategy.

Enterprise Planning & Reporting | FP&A Virtual Lunch and Learn

In this ever-changing environment, it is more important than ever that finance teams have the ability to quickly adapt to changing business conditions. While your planning tool may not be technically broken - if it is slow and painful to use, you are missing opportunities on every front. Join this virtual session to learn more about Workday Planning's powerful modeling platform built for enterprise planning.

Dynamic Forecasting- Agility for Today’s World

The world is dramatically different from what it was and as a result, businesses are looking for a tool to increase agility to make better business decisions based on data. With Workday Adaptive Planning, not only do you get a single source of the truth, but you're able to compare and plan with multiple scenarios.

FP&A Lunch & Learn Roundtable – Minneapolis

eCapital Advisors 7900 Xerxes Avenue South, 2nd Floor Training Room (Wells Fargo Tower), Minneapolis

Join us on Friday, September 18th for an in-person lunch and roundtable conversation with Rick Nordvold the CEO of Growth Operators and former CFO of Golf Galaxy and Griffin International. Rick will be sharing insights into how finance leaders are leveraging the new Workday Adaptive Planning platform as a “single source of truth”, allowing them to take action on their business today. He will speak to the power of having the ability to make decisions with confidence and the inherent costs associated with making decisions with a lack of clarity.


FP&A Virtual Roundtable Series – Robotic Process Automation

2020 has presented new challenges and hardships on businesses and organizations nationwide and organizations are looking for ways to leverage technology wherever possible. Accounting and finance professionals have found that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows finance professionals to put their skills to a higher use and focus on higher value-added activities by automating many repetitive, routine tasks that are dreary and uninteresting, yet vital to the financial well-being of the organization. RPA mimics those routine activities by carrying them out quickly, accurately, and tirelessly, freeing up people to better manage their existing workload.

FP&A Virtual Roundtable Series – Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an industry with many moving parts: human resources, raw materials, capital investments, and logistics, not to mention ever-changing customer demands. In this time of historic change and volatility, there has never been a greater premium placed on Finance and FP&A teams to quickly provide insights to their organization and business partners. With a need to blend and link similar data to gain decisive results in seconds, using what you learn to improve process efficiency, centralize production monitoring, better serve your customers, and turn real-time data into just-in-time insights.

IBM Planning Analytics Lunch and Learn – Session 3

The IBM Planning Analytics (powered by TM1) tool is commonly used for planning, forecasting and financial reporting. Wouldn’t you like to know how to leverage your IBM Planning Analytics data to get even more insights into your business? Join our eCapital team for session 3 of our Lunch and Learn series as they show use cases and lessons learned with IBM Planning Analytics.

2021 Budgeting: What a Mess!

We are living through one of the most disruptive years ever for businesses around the globe. From a total shutdown to a very slow reopening of business most companies have struggled to keep things afloat. Not only was the 2020 budget completely useless by March, having a 2020 forecast that was meaningful was nearly impossible. Where does that leave you for budgeting 2021?

FP&A Virtual Roundtable Series – Midwest U.S.

Over the years, we have visited many cities in the Midwest U.S., spent time connecting over a meal and learning from each other. While we can’t be physically together in the current environment, we want to come back collectively as a region and continue the discussions related to: budget and planning efficiency, influence of technology on process improvement, increased analytics needs across the business, and the ever changing role of FP&A.