Modern One-Platform Approach Delivers Complex Analytics at Lightning Speed

Incorta is a next-generation data and analytics platform that enables organizations to make faster and better decisions by unifying data from multiple sources and making it accessible to the business. Incorta is uniquely positioned for Finance, Supply Chain, and Operations teams as it provides the flexibility and performance to handle complex data sets and deliver insights that can help drive operational excellence.

eCapital is a leading provider of data and analytics consulting services, with a deep understanding of Incorta and the Finance and Supply Chain functions. As a premium Incorta partner, eCapital has a proven track record of delivering successful Incorta implementations which help organizations achieve their business goals.

Enabling Access and Actionable Insights Across the Enterprise

Incorta answers complex queries for employees at every level with readily usable data analytics that drive measurably better performance and broader business opportunities.  Incorta is a flexible, scalable and extensible all-in-one data hub that can first transform a department, and then the entire organization.

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Companies of every size, industry, and address rely on eCapital Advisors to transform their businesses.

Case Studies

“We’ve never been able to find an easy way to drill into our sub-ledgers to drive actionable insights for our business. Incorta unlocked this power for us and our executive team couldn’t be happier!”

Chris Bergren, Sr. Manager Finance Systems, Global Leader in Medical Devices
“Incorta is now the data hub for Redstone’s data science department. Our machine learning team works with massive amounts of data and Incorta makes the entire process far more autonomous – and the speed is exponentially faster.”
Raj Prasad, Senior Assistant VP for Data Science and Analytics, Redstone Federal Credit Union

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