Advisory Services and More

Advisory Services and More

Realizing Strategic Vision

eCapital’s Advisory practice provides leading industry insights by leveraging data, assets, and accelerators along with our experienced delivery excellence, to enhance our clients strategic initiatives. Our Advisory team works with clients to drive toward organizational growth, better business decision making, and ultimately producing high value outcomes. Our Advisory team combines our transformation programs with strategic enablement, empowering our clients to make well-informed decisions and develop bold strategies in an ever-changing environment.

Our strength is derived from our cutting-edge analytical and enterprise performance solutions, bolstered by our extensive experience collaboratingwith top technology partners. We are a trusted group of forward-thinking consultants who provide practical insights based on industry expertise, process improvement,as well as impactful change and business adoption to generate positive results for our clients.

Data transformation support every step of the way

To establish sustainable growth, organizations need to prioritize end-to-end transformation as an ongoing process. As your collaborative partner, we provide a dynamic roadmap to highlight organizational value drivers, data and analytics insight, risk and complexities as well as time and resources.  Businesses that develop an enterprise-wide corporate, technology and transformation roadmap and ensure the involvement of the key stakeholders in a meaningful way define the short- and long-term priorities to fuel growth and execution.

As trusted advisers, we work with you to define your path forward beyond the roadmap via strategic enablement leveraging technology solutions, assets & accelerators and delivery excellence to execute and redeploy technologies and models based on desired outcomes.

Cut process cycle times and increase value add analysis

Improve processes and implement change to enable people and organizations to move from current state to an improved future state while minimizing disruption to the business. We focus on two key areas: process assessment and health checks.

Process Assessment

We initiate an Advisory engagement to setup the framework and modeling required to address core themes and enable value add activities and outcomes. We collaborate with you and key stakeholders to redefine processes surrounding core priorities and business activities to instill impactful change through future solutions and modeling.

Examples of Focus Areas: Enterprise Data Strategy, Reporting Rationalization, Financial Planning and Analysis, Close and Consolidations.

Health Check

To maximize organization value and minimize risk, we redefine and redeploy your existing innovative solutions bringing digital and analytics insights into your broader company strategy. Our health check assessment review your existing technologies and applications to identify gaps or opportunities to improve your models for short term immediate impact and long term sustainability.

Your success is our success 

We provide management of multiple projects and their interdependencies leveraging our proven expertise, multi-vendor credibility and understanding to ultimately enable organizational business objectives and key priorities.

Program & Change Management:

We bring our proven experience and credibility to help design

and execute enterprise wide transformation programs to instill program oversight and business adoption. We work with you to activate daily prioritization aligned with leadership, proactively communicate daily conflicts, execute the strategic roadmap and coordinate across cross-sectional teams aligned with M&A activities as well.

Project Management:

We collaborate with you to provide dedicated project managers with proven industry, technology or consulting experience. Our project managers understand project lifecycles to manage programs as your liaisons coupled with our delivery teams to enable project success and mitigate risk through project plans, task management, status meetings, design decisions and much more.

Insights to meet your goals

We provide organizational readiness through continuous support including education and training.


We advise executive teams on best trends by industry, technology aligned with data insights to drive bold strategies and competitive edge. We provide leading insight on the immediate and full potential of technology solutions, AI and automation to improve business outcomes as well as identify new modeling to create effiencies.

Training & Business Adoption:

As a multi-vendor partner, we provide dedicated training SME to instill further business adoption centered around process or technology. Our Advisory governance teams fuel organizational wide business adoption based on both agile and hybrid project initiatives. Our expertise extends beyond corporate into the operational key resources as well to educate and instill technological best practices to improve their day-to-day efficiency and accuracy.


Let’s make your data useful.

Increase your effectiveness. Align your resources. Make moves that matter.

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