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Your business is shaped by many factors including those specific to your industry. Some of those may include regulations and compliance requirements, environmental or economic trends, and customer preferences.

With almost 20 years of experience providing performance management and analytics services to clients across 20+ industries, at eCapital we understand that every industry has its own set of challenges. Work with a provider that knows your business inside and out, with real industry experience, an understanding of best practices, and the latest tools available to solve your daily business problems.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

The CPG industry is experiencing many challenges at once – creating both risks and growth opportunities. These challenges include consumers’ higher reliance on convenience services and subscriptions, a desire for innovative products (and quickly!) and locations where consumers are purchasing products is ever changing. These culminate into the need for CPG companies to respond and adapt quickly. Leveraging data in real time and creating action against those insights will put you ahead of your competition.

National Chain Restaurant

National Chain Restaurant

One of the nation’s largest food chains struggled to efficiently maintain their collection of 12 BI systems.


Analytics that identify your top customers or critical vendors and suppliers can influence critical business decisions on where to invest and help identify opportunity. Uncovering needed data to operate more efficiently while improving service is key to improving your business. Our distribution solutions help you understand factors influencing the consumer which allow you to nurture engagement with greater precision and deliver timely, relevant communications to drive increased revenue, brand loyalty, and consumer advocacy.

Data Curiosity

Unfettered “Data Curiosity” Kicks Off New Era of Problem-Solving at Nortek

We often hear a lot about “data curiosity.” It’s our term for what’s enabled—and ignited—when a data analytics tool becomes


In the financial industry today, personalized offerings, risk control, and predictive analytics for fraud and product customization can all be optimized with tailored business analytics solutions. eCapital Advisors provides a wide range of solutions designed to help financial organizations, such as: best practices for reporting, consolidate individual bank/credit union’s plans together for increased visibility, leverage data to adjust strategy based on market realities and consumer experience needs, and enterprise risk management.

PPP loan reporting

Payroll protection lenders – make monthly reporting easier and cost effective

The payroll protection program (PPP), administered by the Small Business Association with support from the U.S. Treasury, is a key


Business analytics for healthcare enables organizations to achieve greater efficiency within their operations, collaborate to improve outcomes, and integrate with new partners for a more sustainable, personalized and patient-centric system focused on value. Some of these benefits include reduced operating and processing costs, increased doctor and patient collaboration, improved hospital diagnosis time and treatment pattern analysis, and creation of recovery tracking and patient alert systems.

continuous planning workday

Continuous planning and the role of the CFO

In the increasingly complex healthcare landscape, finance leaders must balance short term imperatives and longer term business objectives simultaneously. Having business insight,

Higher Education

Colleges and universities are facing increasing demands such as global competition for top students and staff, reduced public funding, and more stringent compliance requirements. Universities must be able to define long-term growth plans, analyze trends and scenarios, and plan for future excellence. A solid planning and analytic strategy improves planning for future infrastructure investments, recruiting and retaining top students and faculty, tracking government funding and regulations as well as managing central cost.

Washington University Case Study

Washington University in St. Louis

The Need Washington University was looking for a performance management system - planning, metrics, and reporting - that offered comprehensive


Manufacturing is an industry with many moving parts: human resources, raw materials, capital investments, and logistics, not to mention ever-changing customer demands. Data gets created at every turn, but it often stays in silos, limiting its utility. With our manufacturing solutions you can quickly blend and link similar data to gain decisive results in seconds, compared to hours or days with programming-intensive methods. Use what you learn to improve process efficiency, centralize production monitoring, better serve your customers, and turn real-time data into just-in-time insights.

Data Curiosity

Unfettered “Data Curiosity” Kicks Off New Era of Problem-Solving at Nortek

We often hear a lot about “data curiosity.” It’s our term for what’s enabled—and ignited—when a data analytics tool becomes

Public Sector

Public sector organizations are facing budget pressure, citizen demands, staff shortages and economic competition. By aggregating data from legacy ERP, public records, HRIS, and other mission-critical tools into a single budgeting and performance platform – it accelerates data-driven decisions. Realize benefits such as less time spent on budget and reporting, fewer information requests from constituent stakeholders, trend identifications to improve forecast accuracy, and budget freed for re-allocation.

Sherburne County

Sherburne County, MN Selects OpenGov to Enhance Budgeting and Personnel Forecasting Process

 Sherburne County, Minnesota has partnered with OpenGov - the leader in cloud software for government budgeting, performance and communications –


Providing an outstanding shopping experience while increasing sales and protecting profits is always a balancing act for retailers. The right data and analytic solutions can ensure customers are interacting with your business in the best way possible. Key components of a business analytics retail solution include increasing profitability and revenue, margin management, price and inventory optimization, and improved customer loyalty.

reimagine retail

How to reimagine retail: More questions, more data

It seems like we’ve been talking about reimagining retail for at least a decade. It’s always tough to imagine what

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